Monday, December 22, 2008

Everything is better with Bacon....

Try me!

This neat little app is courtesy of Go check them out and add some bacon to your favorite website today.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Skulls are for the Dogs!

It might be too late to buy your pampered pooch a holiday present online but face it, your dog doesn't know Xmas/Hannukah from President's Day. Either way, I bet your doggie knows when he's stylin' and I found some out of the ordinary skull collars, leashes and stuff at

White Skull Step-In Harness - $67.00 to $75.00
This is the best that I've seen. Makes me want to go out and get a small dog.

Skull Long John Dog Pajamas - $50.00
The cutest! I adore the back door opening!

Rock-N-Roll Black Leather Skull Collar - $37.00 to $64.00
Rock N Roll indeed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quizno's Tuna Melt vs. Bacon

We've probably all seen article's like MSN's "The 20 Worst Mall Foods in America" but it's still an eye-opener. Check out #1 - Quizno's
Large Tuna Melt Club which contains as much fat as 49 strips of bacon.


Are you serious? Forget the tuna melt and just eat the bacon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bacon Bath Crystals

Still searching for that perfect gift as the holidays swiftly approach? Here's something that you can pretty much guarantee no one already has....

5 Oz. of luxurious bath crystals that smell like BACON.
Not for vegetarians, these bath salts contain actual bacon product. (Safe for bath drains.)

For only $5.00 on Etsy, this really is a perfect stocking stuffer or grab bag gift for the office. However, if you come out of the bath smelling like bacon, you may want to stay out of the forest, unless you plan on being human bait.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giant Remote-Control Ant w/ Skull Remote

Need a last minute present? If it wasn't for the crystal Skull Remote, I probably wouldn't give this Indiana Jones toy a second look. But the remote is really cool and I'm sure some kids would love to terrorize their siblings with Giant remote-control ant that scurries and moves like the real thing and features a scissor-action mandible. Plus it's on clearance at JC Penny for $19.99.

For Free Shipping on orders over $25 (that don't require truck delivery) use promo code 46GIFT

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Play-Doh Bacon Breakfast Time

I don't get out to toy stores much but I really should make a point of it. If I had, I surely would have picked up this Play-Doh Breakfast Time Set while it was still readily available. Bacon Play-Doh mold! You can still find it on Amazon but the sellers want anywhere from $34.95 to $99.99 for it. Still $34.95 doesn't seem too terrible to be able to squeeze out some Play-Doh bacon with the family.

Another amazing Play-Doh set that is now hard to come by is Play-Doh Operation. How morbidly wonderful is this?

Seems like this was mainly available in the UK and you can still find it online if you search hard enough. Someone needs to keep me up to date on these things.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Skulls for Young’uns at Company Kids®

Company Kids® has some great skull items that would make terrific gifts for any little boy or girl that's into skulls. They did an especially nice job on the girls stuff because 1) it's in purple, my favorite color and 2) the boys items are pirate-y which is not my favorite skull motif. Plus, it's always great to see pretty skull things that little girls can use as I don't think there was anything like it when I was a kid. From what I can remember, when I was young, skulls were reserved for bikers and metal heads. I'm happy to see times have changed.

Explorer Rolling Duffle (Heart Skull)
Explorer Rolling Duffle (Skull and Crossbones)

Explorer Backpacks (Heart Skull)
Explorer Backpacks (Heart Skull)

Explorer Lunch Bag (Heart Skull)
Explorer Lunch Bag (Heart Skull)

Heart Skulls Flannel Nightgown
Heart Skulls Flannel Nightgown

Skulls & Hearts Beach Towel
Skulls & Hearts Beach Towel

Skull Hearts and Tattoo Heart Bean Bag Covers - clearance $12.99
Skull and Cross Bones 3-D Appliqued Bean Bag Chair Cover

Skull and Crossbones Fleece Robe
Skull and Crossbones Fleece Robe

Skull and Cross Bones Rug
Skull and Cross Bones Rug

Most of the Company Kids® stuff is monogrammable and there's more than what I've posted here. If you do a search for skull on their website you'll see more goodies.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Like The New Logo?

Notice the spiffy new Skull and Bacon Crossbones logo at the top of the page? How awesome is it? TS Rogers from Teaessare Illustration and Design is an amazing artist and I can't thank him enough for finally giving me a logo I'm proud to post on this blog!

He also pointed me to this awesome Death Gnome riding a pig that he created and was recently featured over at Skull-A-Day.

Death Gnome shirts are available from Spreadshirts. You know that person in your family that it's impossible to buy presents for? This is the perfect solution. "I didn't know what to get you so I got you this Death Gnome shirt." Works for me!

Anyhow, thanks again TS, it's much appreciated and I'll be keeping an eye on your designs!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bacon Lovers Gift Guide from

Not sure what to get the ultimate bacon lover in your life this holiday season? When a regular package of supermarket bacon shoved in a stocking just won't do, The Ultimate Bacon Lovers Gift Guide from is gonna be your go-to guide.

Whatever bacony goodness you decide to gift this year, make sure to wrap the package with some Bacon Gift Wrap to seal the deal.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Skulls and Bacon Shout Out on MPR

Click on over to the Minnesota Public Radio site where you can read (or listen to!) a great piece by Nikki Tundel on the popularity of bacon. Skulls and Bacon and a bunch of my brethren - Bacon Of The Month Club, Bacon Unwrapped, Bacon Freak, Bacon Today, Mr. Bacon Pants and I Heart Bacon are mentioned.

Sometimes though, I wish bacon wasn't seen as the latest trend. It's kind of like when your favorite band gets popular and everyone likes them, you tend to lose some of that feeling that you have *this thing* all to yourself to cherish. Hopefully that will never happen with bacon, or else we'll be walking around saying things like, "Oh yeah, well I was eating bacon cinnamon rolls before you were ever born, son."

Not bacon yet...

But definitely a roadhog! Ba dum bum.

Found over at Cute Overload

Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Skull Shopping at Old Navy

Old navy is having a big weekend sale from now until this Sunday to kick off the holiday shopping season. Here's a few skull items that caught my eye...

Boys Fleece Santa Skull Sleep Pants - $14.50
Aren't these the cutest? I wish they came in women's or men's sizes too.

Boys: Boys Printed Performance Fleece Sleep Pants - Skull

Boys Fleece Skull Hoodie - Reg $24.50 Sale $15.00
Not exactly sure if this is a skull or alien head but either way it's a fun jacket.

Boys: Boys Printed Fleece Hoodies - Black

Men's Pullover Skull Hoodie - Reg $29.50 Sale $15.00
These come in a couple of other cool colors.

Men: Men's Printed Pullover Hoodies - Volcanic Ash

Men's Waffle-Knit Skull Tees - Reg $19.50 sale $15.00

Men: Men's Graphic Waffle-Knit Tees - New Black

Men: Men's Graphic Waffle-Knit Tees - Heather Gray

Couldn't find anything for the girlies this time.

Bacon Rice Krispies Treats

Mr. Dave from the Ridiculous Food Society has gone and done it again! He's taken a scrumptious treat right out of my daydreams and made it a reality.

Bacon Rice Krispies Treats is something even I could not screw up. I wonder how this would taste with some chocolate chips thrown into the mix? Anyway, go to Mr. Dave's blog for the step-by-step instructions on how to make some for yourself.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Men's Muerto Skull Sneakers - 75% off !

I'm posting this real quick because there's a big sale going on down at and who knows how long these will last at this price. Anyhow, I think these Draven Muerto Mid-top sneakers are totally cool and I bought them for myself even though they are men's sneakers.

$15.00 With Free Shipping (orig price: $59.99) and use code BFF08 for 20% more off at checkout making these a super deal at only $12.00 w/ shipping included!


Monday, November 24, 2008

USB Flash Drive Skull Ring

There's no way a 2GB flash drive is worth $191.58 but I gotta say that this is the niftiest novelty flash drive I've ever seen. Available via Geek Stuff 4 U, the USB Flash Drive Skull Ring is made of metal comes in a variety of colors. The hefty price tag is due to these being hand made in Japan when you place an order and it can take from two to three weeks to make and ship. I'm hoping the knock-offs are coming soon!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is pushing it

I am assuming this Ebay auction for a dubious American Eagle Shaped piece of Bacon is a joke.

If you're interested the auction is only live for the next 6 hours. Or if you prefer, I'll send you an entire piece of bacon shaped like a strip of bacon from this mornings breakfast for the amazing price of only $10.

Seen anything interesting in your bacon lately?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kidney Bean Bacon Cigarette Flesh

I love me some Engrish so when I see it with Bacon included it just makes my day.

Kidney Bean Bacon Cigarette Flesh = Green Beans with Smoked Bacon?
----Found on janieblank's photostream

As long as I'm on the topic, here's some more food related Engrish for you:

The demon moustache squid roasts!

Of course, Bacon is well-informed meat, did you expect anything less?


Non-food related but I had to include it as a WTF:

I gots more, just say the word.....