Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Skull Chef's Knife by KAI

Williams-Sonoma has this exclusive chef's knife with detailed skull art on the blade on sale for $15.96. (Reg. price $25)

Skull Chef's Knife from Williams-Sonoma
I didn't post this until I made sure I ran to the store to pick up one for myself. I couldn't risk having it sell out before I got there.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sizzl - The Bacon Dating App You've Been Waiting For

Oscar Mayer has launched a dating app for bacon lovers called Sizzl.

Eric Dahmer, the marketing director at Oscar Mayer, said in the company’s announcement: “With the launch of Sizzl, we’re thrilled to give our true bacon lovers the chance to find each other and potentially meet their soulmates, in life and in bacon.”

Instead of swiping, you hold your finger down on the screen. The longer you hold, the higher the "Sizzl-meter" rises, and if you and your potential date happen to sizzle each other at a similar level, you'll be registered as a match.

Unfortunately for millions of bacon fanatics out there looking for love, Sizzl is exclusive to iOS and only available on iPhones 5 and up. Get it here.

Friday, August 28, 2015


If the board game Monopoly doesn't include enough bacon for you, you're in luck because now there's Bacon-Opoly. Buy your favorite bacon delicacies then collect Pounds of Pork and trade them in for Smokehouses and up the rent!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seaweed Bacon?

Oregon State University researchers have discovered a strain of succulent red marine algae that tastes like bacon when cooked. At $90 a pound, I doubt I'll ever taste any but I would definitely try it if I had the opportunity!
Researchers discover seaweed that tastes like bacon

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Are you ready for the summer?

Summer is almost here and what kind of bacon lover would you be if you didn't represent at the beach or pool? Go prepared for your fun in the sun with a fabulous bacon towel and don't forget the bacon sunscreen or you'll fry yourself to a crisp!

The Bacon Towel
bacon towel

Bacon Sunscreen
bacon sunscreen

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mahalo Painted Skull Ukulele

If you're in the market for a Ukulele (and why wouldn't you be), this would be my choice.

$37.76 & FREE Shipping @ Amazon

Mahalo Painted Skulls Ukulele
Mahalo Painted Skulls Ukulele
Mahalo Painted Skulls Ukulele

Monday, May 25, 2015

Going Hog Wild at the Great Big Bacon Picnic

A Guest Blog for Skulls & Bacon
By Gail Worley from The Worleygig

If you weren’t able to make the scene at the Great Big Bacon Picnic, which took place over the weekend of May 16th and 17th, you missed what will surely go down in Bacon Legend among those lucky enough to attend as the Bacon Event of The Year – assuming, of course, that it becomes an annual event! And we will be praying it does!

Held at the old Pfizer Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a mix of Indoor and Outdoor space provided the absolutely perfect venue for what felt like an early start to Summer, as Bacon fans arrived in herds to taste bacon-infused food and drink from over 100 chefs, brew masters, and distillers who showered attendees with unlimited bacon, extraordinary spirits and local craft beers! Bacon Picnic!

Everyone was in a great mood and the enthusiasm was palpable. It didn’t hurt that this was perhaps the best organized food event I’ve yet attended. Wait times at each booth or food truck was minimal to non-existent, and service with a smile was the order of the day. In order to accommodate the schedules of as many people as possible and avoid event burn-out, the Great Big Bacon Picnic was divided into three two-and-one-half-hour sessions (two on Saturday and one on Sunday.) I attended the Sunday afternoon session, proudly representing for Skulls and Bacon, as we ate bacon until we wished to see no more bacon. Yes, Bacon-overload (though exceedingly rare) is possible.

Here are some photo highlights from the day!

Musical entertainment was provided by Brooklyn’s own High & Mighty Brass Band, whom I spotted lounging the VIP tent between sets.

I began my journey of Bacony Delights by first hitting up all the vendors in the outdoor space, which was set up with the aforementioned VIP tent, plus shaded picnic tables, and picnic blankets on Astroturf for those not hiding from the sun.

Among food trucks and booze booths, the former Pfizer parking lot was also home to the first-ever Bacon Bar: a self-serve smorgasbord dedicated exclusively to endless servings of many different varieties of Bacon. It was a perfect appetizer to the main event!

Who doesn’t love Maple Bacon?

This Canadian Bacon tasted more like delicious roast Pork Loin to me. All good!

During the events, there was judging by not only fans, but also panels of experts, for cash prizes in a variety of categories. Tellers with Black Pepper Bacon won the Judge’s Award for Presentation at Saturday’s evening session.

I enjoyed my bacon Buffet while sipping a chilled Angry Orchard Cider in the VIP tent! Eventually though, I had to go back out into the sun, because the Bacon was calling me.

BacoBurger Steak Company grilled up a mess of their Bacon and Beef blended burgers, served as both sliders on buns, and meat-only morsels dressed up chimichurri style with pickled onions.

Big D’S presents Bacon Tempura with Wasabi Aioli Sauce was a big hit with everyone. They served it up quick!

Fans enjoy delicious Bacon Tempura on a Stick! Because everything tastes better on a stick!

Hard Times Sundaes served no Sundaes, but they served an amazingly juicy Bacon Cheeseburger with sweet grilled onions!

I washed this down with cold Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Infused Vodka Beverage. Ah, refreshing!

I was next drawn towards the indoor area of the event, which promised shade, a bathroom, and a place to wash the pig off my hands. Plus: More Bacon!Here are a few photos of the Bacon Things I ate once I got inside.

Bacon Gruyere Mini Scone! Bacon, Cheese, Bread – whats not to love?

Hilldale’s Deviled Egg Topped with Crispy House-Smoked Pork Belly; because you never say No to a Deviled Egg – especially one topped with Bacon!

Cent’Anni Gnocchi Carbonara with Smoked bacon, Onions and Spring Peas. So rich, and quite a generous portion!

There were booths selling Bacon Swag as well, such as this fashionable United States of Bacon T-Shirt! It looks comfy!We also sampled a few prize winning recipes!

Late day Saturday, the Judge’s Awards for Creativity went to Urbo for their insanely delicious Smoked Bacon Stuffed Oreos.

Seriously, these little guys are some of the best-tasting things you could ever put in your mouth. Sweet Bacon Heaven!

Snowdonia’s Maple Bacon Welsh Rarebit took the People’s Choice Award with its blend of melted cheeses on artisan bread, sprinkled with Candied Bacon.

It’s looks pretty tasty, but check this out:

Sure, that’s how they melted the cheese, but we couldn’t help but wonder what was the secret ingredient that made this dish taste like you were, literally, eating fire? My guess is that there was a secret layer of Sriracha under that melty cheese. Let the eater beware.

Possibly our very favorite savory Bacon dish of the day, Streets’ outrageous Tuna Bacon Truffle Sushi Roll, was awarded the Judge’s Awards in both the Deliciousness and Creativity categories. Well played!

The concept of blending delicious fresh Ahi tuna sushi with crisp smoky bacon and truffle aioli was just too genius to be ignored! The deepest, most bacon-frenzied crowd of any booth at the event said all there was to be said.

We had a crazy fun time at the Great Big Bacon Picnic and hope to return next year!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Big big thanks to Gail from The Worleygig for covering this event while I was on vacation in California. Man, I wish I could have been there. If it happens again next year I definitely plan on being there!