Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Dropped Your Food....

Is it Bacon?

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skulls from Torrid & Hot Topic

So far, 2010 is not seeing a slowdown in skull related fashion accessories which is ok by me (obviously). Torrid and Hot Topic never dissapoint. Here's a few things I really like:

Black and Silver Skull Halter Swimsuit - $68.00
You know, it may be winter but it's never to early to snatch up a great bathing suit. Plus-size girls, I guarantee you this suit will not be available anymore come summer.

Black Flocked Skull Flourish Babydoll and Thong Set - $38.00
Again for the plus-size chicks like me, this lingerie set it hot! You need to see the close-up to appreciate the skulls.

Iron Fist - Black Sequin Digiskull Platform Heel - $35.00
Man,I wish I could wear heels without crying, these are smokin' skull shoes!

Skull Mirror - $6.99
Totally me, I have to get this little skull pocket mirror.

Tripp Black White And Red Skull Sweater - $48.00
I haven't owned anything from Tripp since the early 90's but this is a great skull sweater.

Skull Head Key With Key Chain - $9.99
Again, this is a must-have for me. I've already gone thru like a billion skull key covers. They get dirty so quickly. This is metal and built right in so you just take this right to the hardware store and get your key made. How awesome?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bacon Puzzles!

Hi Everyone! I'm back from an unintended, extended blogging vacation but hopefully everyone was too busy during the holidays to notice my lack of posts. At the end of 2009, I took a new position at my company which has me working long hours and no more access to the internet during the day so that seriously cuts down on the time that I have to put into Skulls & Bacon. That said, I'm not giving up this blog, it's way too personally fulfilling, but my updates may take longer than I'd prefer.

My favorite online store Archie McPhee has provided me with a no-brainer first post of 2010. I love jigsaw puzzles and they're always a good bet in the dead of winter when most of us are stuck indoors.

Bacon Tuxedo Puzzle - $9.95
Your favorite bacon faux-formalwear doesn't just come in empty box form anymore! This bizarre jigsaw puzzle features a dashing young man in a bacon tuxedo posing with his date.

Sunrise in Meatopia Puzzle - $9.95

What better things do you have to do on a cold winters' night than to piece together a hot dog cabin, a bacon waterfall and a sausage canoe in a gravy lake?

Each 500 piece puzzle is 14" x 18" when assembled. and also includes a 48 piece bonus mystery puzzle!