Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Diablo the Satanic Chicken Action Figure

Finding this toy online today almost made me wet my pants. How could you not love a satanic chicken that comes with a skull head and a piece of bacon?

Diablo the Satanic Chicken Action Figure

Diablo's head can be replaced with his Human Skull for some skull-chicken action and comes with the most fabulous accessories:

* one (1) Human Skull
* one (1) Satanic Whoopee Cushion
* one (1) Necronomicon, 2nd. Ed.
* three (3) pc. Oversized Novelty Bacon

Full of awesome.

Monday, September 28, 2009

WOOT Bacon (6 Degrees of Delicious) T-Shirt

Pretty awesome shirt at Shirt.Woot today: 6 Degrees of Delicious - $10.00 & free shipping

If you know WOOT, you know their deals are 1 day only so if you like this shirt there's no time to waste!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Halloween Skulls @

I always check the online costume stores before Halloween for new skull stuff. Most of the time its the same old same old but this year actualy has something I've never seen before...

The Skull Drinking Belt - $19.99

Ok, so it's made of polyester and foam, it's still freakin' cool! I think you could rock this skull drinking belt all year long. It's called a statement piece and easier than two-fisting your beer.

Of course I always look for ways to include skulls in my Halloween costumes. Now they're making costumes focused on skulls. I've never heard of Skull Fairies before but damn I wish they had this costume when I was a kid!

Child's Skull Fairy Costume - $34.99

But don't worry, they make them for adults too...
Adult Skull Fairy Costume - $39.99

The skirt on this costume is cute as hell.
Skull Dark Angel Teen Costume - $29.99

I think these matching day of the dead costumes are my new favorite.
Dame of The Dead Adult Costume - $129.99
Del Muerto Groom Adult Costume - $124.99

Love the skull hood with the eye holes!
Skeleton Hoodie Adult Costume - $32.99

Not sure if these shoes are made for everyday wearing but I'm betting your little girl would look adorable in these!
Girl's Skull Shoes
- $29.99

These are kinda neat. I've never seen skull shoe clips before.
Skull Shoe Clip - $6.99

No Halloween party is complete without a Skull Pinata. I would suggest filling it with individually wrapped gummy skulls and brains.
Skull Pinata - $12.99

I can't resist removable skull decals for the walls. Versatile!
Skull Halloween Giant Wall Decals - $39.99

There's quite a variety of skull paper party supplies around now but this is the first time I've seen the bloody skull variation. I like the dripping blood skull pattern on these plates, cups and napkins.

Bloody Banquet Deluxe Party Kit

And if you're having a costume party this year, you gotta give out this trophy-
Best Costume Skeleton Trophy - $6.99

Anyhow, if your're in the market for halloween party supplies has tons of other great costumes and supplies. Do any of you know what you're dressing up as this year? Gimme some suggestions!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Case of the Missing Bacon

Numerous times during my bacon research I have come across news stories of stolen bacon. You know how it is when you need your bacon fix and you're a little short on cash. This story however, made me laugh so I needed to share:

A St. Anne (Illinois) resident reported that $10.18 worth of lunch meats and a slab of bacon were stolen from her car. She told police she came home from a store where she bought the meats and left them inside of her car with all of the windows rolled down while she went inside to eat some watermelon, sheriff's reports said. An old Polaroid camera, also in the car, was missing as well.

Really? She wanted to eat the watermelon so bad that she couldn't carry $10 worth of bacon into the house?

Obviously, bacon burglary is more common than one would think and stores need to protect themselves. For example:

More via (a fabulous, fabulous site)

Some stores, however, have not gotten the memo yet:

Is that three pounds of bacon in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Again? What's with the bacon in the pants?

And one of the more recent cases of The Bacon Bandit.

So many more instances, I could keep going but I'll save them for another installment of The Bacon Files. Until then, watch your bacon and keep it safe! And if you really need a piece of watermelon that bad, take your bacon with you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Skulls @ Target 2009

The day that Target puts out their Halloween merchandise is to me what Christmas morning must be like to a little kid. I don't celebrate Christmas but from all the movies I've seen where kids are screaming, jumping up and down for joy of awesome presents, that's what I imagine I look like in the Halloween section of Target.

This is a long post of some of the stuff that I want this year. I've marked where Target's website indicates that an item is only available online but from experience, this isn't always correct. It may be that the stores haven't gotten it in yet and sometimes the stores have really cool skull stuff that isn't online at all.

I have one little favor to ask, if you decide to buy some stuff online, click here first to go to I can earn a little commission on a sale and then buy more skull stuff! Gotta feed the habit. :)

Colored Skull Driveway Markers - $14.99

Ceramic Crown Skull Cookie Jar - $19.99 (online only)

Skull Wreath - $14.99 (online only)

Ceramic Skull Cookie Jar - $19.99 (online only)

Skull Melamine Appetizer Plate Set of 12 - $11.99 (online only)

Glass Hurricane - $19.99

Crown Skull Votive Holder Set of 6 - $11.99 (online only)

Skeleton Nutcracker - $12.99

Silver Skull Melamine Dinner Plate Set of 8 - $15.99 (online only)

Skull Tumbler Set of 6 - $17.99 (online only)

Skull Beverage Caddy - $14.99 (online only)

Skull Greeter - $24.99 (online only)

Aluminum Skeletal Hand Servers - $9.99 (online only)

Aluminum Skeletal Hand Napkin Holder - $9.99 (online only)

Bone Collector Cocktail Plate Set of 4 - $24.99 (online only)

Bone Collector Spreader Set of 4 - $14.99

Bone Collector Salt and Pepper Shaker Set - $12.99

Skull Glass Mug Set of 6 - $17.99

Keep Out Skull Doormat - $4.99 (stores only)

Crown Skull Melamine Dinner Plate Set of 8 - $15.99 (online only)