Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Skulls and Bacon Shout Out on MPR

Click on over to the Minnesota Public Radio site where you can read (or listen to!) a great piece by Nikki Tundel on the popularity of bacon. Skulls and Bacon and a bunch of my brethren - Bacon Of The Month Club, Bacon Unwrapped, Bacon Freak, Bacon Today, Mr. Bacon Pants and I Heart Bacon are mentioned.

Sometimes though, I wish bacon wasn't seen as the latest trend. It's kind of like when your favorite band gets popular and everyone likes them, you tend to lose some of that feeling that you have *this thing* all to yourself to cherish. Hopefully that will never happen with bacon, or else we'll be walking around saying things like, "Oh yeah, well I was eating bacon cinnamon rolls before you were ever born, son."


  1. AHHH!!!! that's so fucking kool!!!!! by the by, im totally there w/ you about people jumping on the bandwagon. fortunately for me, most the shit i like will never ever be popular

  2. Much like Slayer, no matter how popular Bacon gets. It will remain the best.

  3. How true. Slayer and Bacon Forever!!!