Sunday, January 13, 2013

U.S.of Bacon TONIGHT!

So, I was wrong and the episode of United States of Bacon with my Skull and Cross Bacon logo wasn't on last week, it aired tonight! If you didn't catch it, look for re-runs on the Destination America channel.

The  Diesel Filling Station, in Atlanta, GA gave a shirt with my logo away as a prize for winning their bacon trivia contest. Which, by the way, I would have won hands-down. What I really want thought, is that bacon-filled Death Muffin they featured. Next time I'm even remotely close to Atlanta you know I'm gonna have to make a quick detour to try it out.

Anyone that found their way here because they were looking for the shirt that was featured at the bar, you can find them in my Skulls & Bacon Zazzle store.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The United States of Skulls & Bacon

United States of Bacon

Destination America  channel has a new show that is all bacon, all the time. Chef Todd Fisher takes viewers on a bacony trip around the country with the “United States of Bacon.”

The show premiered Dec. 30th and if you missed it you can still catch it in re-runs. On my cable provider, Optimum, Destination America is on channel 172. You can use the channel finder on the website to find it in your area.  

I am very excited about this show because, other than the obvious, my little old Skulls & Bacon logo will be making a brief appearance in the upcoming episode!

Airing on Jan 6th, a t-shirt incorporating the Skulls&Bacon logo is given away as a prize during a bacon trivia contest at the Diesel Filling Station, in Atlanta, GA.

I've already got my DVR set. Anyone gonna watch this with me?

P.S. I can never give enough props to TS Rogers from Teaessare Illustration & Design for birthing my lovely skull and cross-bacon logo!