Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quizno's Tuna Melt vs. Bacon

We've probably all seen article's like MSN's "The 20 Worst Mall Foods in America" but it's still an eye-opener. Check out #1 - Quizno's
Large Tuna Melt Club which contains as much fat as 49 strips of bacon.


Are you serious? Forget the tuna melt and just eat the bacon.


  1. plus bacon lasts longer. it's the gift that keeps on giving

  2. Hell yes. Give me the bacon over the tuna melt.

  3. Did you read that article that said the large Quizno's Tuna Club is equal in calories to twelve Taco Bell fresco beef tacos? I would take the tacos, tuna frightens me.

  4. Oh crap, that is the very article which you are referencing and I think I mixed up anyways. Boo on me.

  5. I would take the taco's over the tuna club as well. Now that they've started putting calorie counts on all the menu's in NYC, it's been enlightening. Still, bacon trumps all regardless of fat and calories. Rather die fat and happy than skinny and sad.