Monday, December 15, 2008

Bacon Bath Crystals

Still searching for that perfect gift as the holidays swiftly approach? Here's something that you can pretty much guarantee no one already has....

5 Oz. of luxurious bath crystals that smell like BACON.
Not for vegetarians, these bath salts contain actual bacon product. (Safe for bath drains.)

For only $5.00 on Etsy, this really is a perfect stocking stuffer or grab bag gift for the office. However, if you come out of the bath smelling like bacon, you may want to stay out of the forest, unless you plan on being human bait.


  1. I bought some of these about a month ago (in fact, I think I was her first customer - NOT surprising). I haven't tried them yet but hope to over the holidays!

  2. boyfriend isn't a fan of baths but maybe if i bought him these he would finally get clean

  3. Lisa Totally Unsure how I feel about this...
    I love a good bath with smell good stuff but BACON???