Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Diablo the Satanic Chicken Action Figure

Finding this toy online today almost made me wet my pants. How could you not love a satanic chicken that comes with a skull head and a piece of bacon?

Diablo the Satanic Chicken Action Figure

Diablo's head can be replaced with his Human Skull for some skull-chicken action and comes with the most fabulous accessories:

* one (1) Human Skull
* one (1) Satanic Whoopee Cushion
* one (1) Necronomicon, 2nd. Ed.
* three (3) pc. Oversized Novelty Bacon

Full of awesome.


  1. All kinds of awesome! Thanks for sharing.


  2. could this toy have more things that you adore! hmmmm I guess if it was one of Gonzo's chickens...