Monday, September 21, 2009

The Case of the Missing Bacon

Numerous times during my bacon research I have come across news stories of stolen bacon. You know how it is when you need your bacon fix and you're a little short on cash. This story however, made me laugh so I needed to share:

A St. Anne (Illinois) resident reported that $10.18 worth of lunch meats and a slab of bacon were stolen from her car. She told police she came home from a store where she bought the meats and left them inside of her car with all of the windows rolled down while she went inside to eat some watermelon, sheriff's reports said. An old Polaroid camera, also in the car, was missing as well.

Really? She wanted to eat the watermelon so bad that she couldn't carry $10 worth of bacon into the house?

Obviously, bacon burglary is more common than one would think and stores need to protect themselves. For example:

More via (a fabulous, fabulous site)

Some stores, however, have not gotten the memo yet:

Is that three pounds of bacon in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Again? What's with the bacon in the pants?

And one of the more recent cases of The Bacon Bandit.

So many more instances, I could keep going but I'll save them for another installment of The Bacon Files. Until then, watch your bacon and keep it safe! And if you really need a piece of watermelon that bad, take your bacon with you.


  1. seriously? watermelon?

    nice to see yr back. it's been too long. fyi, mastadon and dethklok are on tour. make sure you go and see the spectacle. and risen from the ashes once again Type O Negative. better check them out too, in case Peter Steele really does snuff it

  2. Just getting settled back in after vacation, looking foward to fall and winter! I'm not sure I'll make it to Mastodon and Dethklok as October is a jammed packed month but they both put on a kick-ass show! And FYI, I'll always have my Peter Steele Playgirl issue....

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