Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Skulls @ Target 2009

The day that Target puts out their Halloween merchandise is to me what Christmas morning must be like to a little kid. I don't celebrate Christmas but from all the movies I've seen where kids are screaming, jumping up and down for joy of awesome presents, that's what I imagine I look like in the Halloween section of Target.

This is a long post of some of the stuff that I want this year. I've marked where Target's website indicates that an item is only available online but from experience, this isn't always correct. It may be that the stores haven't gotten it in yet and sometimes the stores have really cool skull stuff that isn't online at all.

I have one little favor to ask, if you decide to buy some stuff online, click here first to go to I can earn a little commission on a sale and then buy more skull stuff! Gotta feed the habit. :)

Colored Skull Driveway Markers - $14.99

Ceramic Crown Skull Cookie Jar - $19.99 (online only)

Skull Wreath - $14.99 (online only)

Ceramic Skull Cookie Jar - $19.99 (online only)

Skull Melamine Appetizer Plate Set of 12 - $11.99 (online only)

Glass Hurricane - $19.99

Crown Skull Votive Holder Set of 6 - $11.99 (online only)

Skeleton Nutcracker - $12.99

Silver Skull Melamine Dinner Plate Set of 8 - $15.99 (online only)

Skull Tumbler Set of 6 - $17.99 (online only)

Skull Beverage Caddy - $14.99 (online only)

Skull Greeter - $24.99 (online only)

Aluminum Skeletal Hand Servers - $9.99 (online only)

Aluminum Skeletal Hand Napkin Holder - $9.99 (online only)

Bone Collector Cocktail Plate Set of 4 - $24.99 (online only)

Bone Collector Spreader Set of 4 - $14.99

Bone Collector Salt and Pepper Shaker Set - $12.99

Skull Glass Mug Set of 6 - $17.99

Keep Out Skull Doormat - $4.99 (stores only)

Crown Skull Melamine Dinner Plate Set of 8 - $15.99 (online only)



  1. The Aluminum Skeletal Hand Servers (super cool) the Aluminum Skeletal Hand Napkin Holder and the Melamine dinner plates (both kinds) are all available at my local Target. They only had about half of their stock out 2 days ago. It is always best to check your local store so that you can save on shipping. It is also better to be able to see what the quality is before you buy.

  2. so did you have a full on orgasm when you saw this year's products?

  3. I totally did. I'm going on vacation tomorrow and won't be able to get to Target for another week and I'm so nervous that all the good stuff will be gone by the time I get there!

  4. Just got the Skull (w/crown) cookie jar tonight at my local Target (Milwaukee, WI). The price is right and they're very well crafted...but, much too cool to use for cookies :)


  5. They have the skull cookie jars at most stores as well, although you may have to wait for a restock. I bought the crown skull cookie jar today there!

  6. Seems like everyone is already ready for Halloween. The skulls are just adorable. Now I have to go and get Furniture and Design Ideas ready for Halloween.


  7. I saw the Skeleton Salad Tongs at my local Target today. They only had one pair. Wish I had bought it. Most of the stuff that says online only was there as well. Love your blog!

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