Friday, August 7, 2009

Skulls From China!

I've been working crazy hours and haven't been able to rustle up as much free time as I'd like to come and post here. I'm trying though, I hate to feel like I am neglecting Skulls & Bacon!

Yesterday I came across this fun little Skull Cup Holder for your car. It clips to your air vent and pretty inexpensive even coming from China ($6.69 & $5.49 shipping).

The best part however, are the descriptions on this website. Some good Engrish always gets me smiling.

"It makes you drink handily and really enhance your enjoyment while driving."

So obviously I had to look around the site some more to see what other gems were floating about. This one is insane...
Battery Powered Like Real Hamburger Sonant Prank Trick Funny Toy - $7.19

You can use Tricky Hamburger Toy as a perfect gift!
When you open this Tricky Hamburger, it will come out a skull suddenly and it is fearful.
The fearful skull inside the hamburger is flexible and can be folded together.

I must have it!

PC Desktop Computer Skull Fan Grill Dust Cover - $2.69

Pretty awesome although the back of my computer pretty much never sees the light of day.

Funny Grinding Skeleton Grinder Kids Toy - $21.69

-This Funny Skeleton Toy is a very funny Kids Toy with a famous proverb: Money makes the mare go.
-A super funny Grinder Toy for your kids who is ups to 3 years old
-Open the up cover of millstone, put some shampoo in it.
-Put a coin into the rectangle hole and then you can see the skeleton is grinding for money with flashing. When the foam falls off, open the up cover, put some shampoo and water in the millstone will be ok.

Wow, ok. Money makes the mare go? I'm really confused.
Especially cool is that this is good for kids up to 3 years old. Who's handing their 2 year old coins and shampoo?

This one is included just because of the description:
Jeans Gas Cigarette Lighter - $5.69

-Brand new high quality lighter, never used
-Great GIFT for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, wedding ... etc

Really? Awesome, I know what my friends are getting for their wedding present! Anyhow, take a look around the site, it's pretty amusing. And I'm real close to getting that prank hamburger skull thingy.


  1. is it supposed to be a fart joke lighter? if not, i don't get it

  2. I think it's actually supposed to be a "nice ass with jeans partially unzipped" lighter.