Monday, August 3, 2009

Bacon Camp Columbus 2009

Do anything exciting this weekend? Me neither. But the bacon lovers of Columbus, Ohio got down this past weekend with their own Bacon Camp held at Wild Goose Creative. Luckily for us, bloggers were in attendance and Hungrywoolf did a wonderful review and took some great pictures.

There definitely were some creative entries and bacon creations that I have not seen before. I love that people are continuing to innovate with bacon.

Bacon Bouquet - just gorgeous. Better than some dying red roses anyday.

The winning entry - bacon stuffed pierogies (with piggie butter!)

BLT - bacon liquor tinis with bacon peppercorn infused vodka

Bacon and blue cheese ice cream - I would love to try this, bacon and blue cheese go toether so well.

Bacon mustard with a pretzel chip - I bet you can't eat just one.

Spicy bacon chocolate strawberries - this one is my favorite. I want some NOW!

These pics were all posted with the gracious permission of Hungrywoolf and there's more so please visit her blog and drop a comment if you like them.

Someone with good organizational skills please get a Bacon Camp NY/NJ going. I suck at organizing but I'd eat my way through there like a champ!


  1. that piggy butter is cracking me up!

  2. I'm hosting a BaconFest on Saturday, in far do you feel like traveling?

  3. Not sure I'm up for a 6 hour drive this weekend but take lots of pics!