Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bacolicious Art

I'm sure you might remember last year when Bacolicious fever hit the internet and everyone was slapping a slice of internet bacon across their favorite websites. Well, Erika Nelson from Worlds Largest Things just did an awesome art installation project at the Smoky Hill River Festival this weekend in Salina, Kansas.

“Bacolicious” – Exploring a current internet meme, this installation brings to mind the culture of fairs and festivals as an idealized excape–where you can indulge in some decadence, guilt-free. Fried foods on a stick, funnel cakes, the kind of foods that you yearn for, nostalgically, yet don’t allow yourself to have unless at a “special” event–The graphic elements of “Bacolicious” will invoke the visceral smells and tastes of the Festival’s atmosphere.

I'm not sure how the Bacolicious art project came into being, but it's pretty awesome. If I had been anywhere near Kansas this weekend, I definitely would have gone just to see the internet come to life. And have my picture taken with a giant strip of bacon. You can check out the full photo set and comments here.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I was suprised and amazed when I got the go-ahead, and the finished product was well worth the bandaged fingers. Whoop, BACON!!!

    -Erika Nelson, Director

  2. hey my name is -Erika- spelled E.r.i.k.a lol and that bacon i mite eat that fence lol-kangaroo hoper