Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How To Make Bacon-Infused Bourbon

Chow.com says Mojitos Out, Bacon-Infused Bourbon In.

This quick and concise video is from the NYC East Village bar Please Don’t Tell (PDT). The bartender makes creating Bacon-Infused Bourbon and the Bacon Old Fashioned look like child's play. I'm not a big fan of bourbon but with bacon and maple syrup, I'm down for a glass or two.


  1. holy crap! my boyfriend's dream has come true!!

  2. HOLY HELL! That looks amazinggg! I know where I'm going next time I'm in the city!

  3. I just made some using Knob Creek. Came out pretty good. Next time I will infuse it longer, maybe for a day, and use a better quality bacon.