Friday, June 12, 2009

Ralph Lauren's Rugby Skulls

I'm not a big Ralph Lauren fan as preppy was never my type. I'm a metal chick thru and thru. However, I can appreciate some of these styles shown on Ralph Lauren's website, esp since they seem to favor the almighty skull design. Of course, designer labels never come cheap but they will last you a while.

My favorite is this CAMO CANVAS TOTE BAG - on sale for $79.99

ASHES SKULLS BERMUDA SHORT - on sale for $39.99

MARA BUNGALOW HOODIE - on sale for $59.99

BLACK SKULL BIKINI TOP - on sale for $49.99 (bottom sold separately)

SKULL-AND-BONES BOARD SHORT - on sale for $49.99

And it's kinda cool that you can Make Your Own hats and shirts by choosing your design and favorite colors


  1. sexybeast has the same bag.... from LL Bean. damn stupid designers!

  2. i'am a fan of ralph lauren clothes, in germany we had some big stores in berlin from ralph lauren

  3. Those ralph lauren swimwear are great. I love the design.

  4. This a very rare design for Ralph Lauren but it seems like it fits very well for a designer label.