Monday, June 29, 2009

Natalia Brilli's Leather Skulls

I had never heard of Natalia Brilli, the award-winning Belgian-born accessories designer before today but now I want to know more! She does a superb job of wrapping things in leather. I'm trying to piece together more about her work since her website doesn't really say too much.

Here's my absolute favorite. I would kill for one of these bags but I can't even tell you how much they might cost, if they are even available to purchase.

Source FashionTribes

Three skeletons, a drum set, guitar, amp and mic have all been expertly clad in black leather (requiring 500 hours of work to cover just one skeleton and 70 skins to cover the whole installation). It is currently on tour in the top fashion houses of the world. Apparently, every piece of the band is available for sale in limited editions.

More info and pics at Dazed.

Amazing work.

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  1. That is so cool looking!!! I wish I were rich...