Thursday, July 30, 2009

Invicta Skull Watches @ ShopNBC

You're probably familiar with ShopNBC if you're a late night tv junkie like me. I've never actually ordered anything from tv but ShopNBC actually has some cool items and a really decent website.

I love these Invicta skull watches. Total quality and super snazzy. They are available in very limited quantities though so if you really like them I would advise jumping on these deals fast. Good watches aren't cheap but if you're a first time shopper at ShopNBC you can take 15% off your first order by entering code 8508 at checkout.

Invicta Yellow Adrenaline Skull Artist Series Quartz White Corian Watch - Clearance: $99.43 (only 13 left!)

Invicta Yellow Adrenaline Skull Artist Series Quartz Black Corian Watch - Clearance: $148.52 (additional colors available)

This one is way out of my budget but it's just amazing.

Invicta Men's Specialty Skull Artist Series Swiss Mechanical Bracelet Watch - ShopNBC Price: $1,415.00 (only 1 available!)