Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Skull Robe & Jewelry from Overstock

Sorry it's been so long between posts. I took on a new project at work that is keeping me away from my computer during the day and I've been getting home so late that I'm having difficulty finding some spare time. Posting doesn't take that long but finding something exciting to post can take some researching. While I adjust to my new circumstances, I totally don't mind if anyone out there wants to send me something that you'd like to see on this blog, I'll be more than happy to check it out!

Meanwhile, I did find a few nice things on Overstock.com, they usually have something skully that I like and shipping is always so cheap.

I'm really digging this black and purple skull robe. Those are my favorite colors and you can never have too many swanky robes. There's pink and white too if you're feeling girly.

Smiling Skulls Short Robe - $34.99

What I'm really excited about is this sterling Skull ring from Indonesia. Unfortunately, there's only size 10 left. Fortunately for me, that's exactly my size. I love the amethyst and moonstone eyes.

Sterling Silver 'Immortal' Skull Ring - $48.57

This men's sterling silver skull bracelet from India is also pretty unique. If my boyfriend had one of these, I'd probably just steal it for myself.

Sterling Silver Men's 'Deadly Smile' Bracelet - $82.99


  1. Oh My, I need that Pink Skull Robe RIGHT NOW!

  2. that robe is too fucking precious for words!

  3. Lisa! I eneded up ordering the "Leppard Lips" robe, and I got it today - it's so gorgeous and so soft! I love it! Thanks for the tip!

  4. That's awesome! I can't believe you got it already. Overstock rules.

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