Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Bacon on the Streets of NYC

A few short weeks ago I blogged about the delicious bacony ice cream treat (the Choinkwich!) from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and now I've got another scoop for NYC. My friend (big thanks Kalia!) sent me a link a few days ago to the news that the Wafels and Dinges truck is now offering Bacon Waffles!

For those not in the know, the Wafels and Dinges truck has been roaming the streets for a few years now, putting tasty waffles in the hands of hungry New Yorkers. I've passed this truck plenty of times on my oh-my-god-Im-going-to-be-late sprint to work but you'd better bet that I'll take the tongue lashing from my boss to be able to start my day with a syrup-laden sugary bacon waffle.

The NY City Dish did a nice review and I borrowed this picture from their blog until I have one of my own to post.

If you're in the area, follow the Waffle Truck on Twitter to see where they are and any specials going on.

And Gail, I'm going to have to make this an exception to my no carb rule. :)


  1. I got a SNB shoutout! HWAT! LOL. Don't break the carb rule; I'll taste it for you!

  2. waffles on the go? damn i love this country!

  3. Gosh, that looks soo good. If I was sprinting, i would probably opt to stopping and risking being late...yum.