Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bacon Lube Is Coming!

For Real B.

You may remember the fake bacon products I posted on April Fool's Day. Well, the good (and smart!) folks over at BaconSalt got so much positive feedback on the Bacon Lube that they decided to make it a reality.

On Tuesday, May 12th, the first samples of BaconLube arrived at J&D's Foods global HQ in Seattle, WA. Behold!

I'm not sure how long it takes for products to go from samples to ready to buy, but I'm hoping we'll be able to pre-order this otherwise it might be akin to trying to find a Cabbage Patch doll in 1983.


  1. No way!! Did you get your picture on the tube??? Does it come in a tube???

  2. idk if i wanna smell like bacon love.

  3. I don't know anything more about this other than what I've already posted but I can guarantee my pic is not gonna be on the bottle.