Thursday, October 9, 2008

Z Gallerie of Skulls

If you're searching for high-quality skull housewares online, you've undoubtedly run across Z Gallerie. One of the first skull posts for this blog was for their Jeweled Skull Tray. I hadn't looked at the site in a while so when I visited today, I was floored. What am I going to do? I am still recovering from my trip to Target.

Here's some of the items from my new and improved wish list.

Skull Pillow - $49.95

Completely covered in dazzling bling, this Skull Pillow makes you wonder if the shimmering silver and black beads could really be pirate booty.

Glass Skull Candle - $19.95

Hauntedly housed in black glass with a supernatural skull image, these glowing candles radiate a menacing glare. Sold individually.

Beaded Skull Placemat Set of 4 - $87.80

Boasting a thorough coat of black beads with silver beaded skull and crossbones icons in each corner, these placemats are hazardously chic.

Glass Studded Skull Candle - $24.95

The toxically provocative silver studded skull and cross bones candleholder is menacing in black glass, yet surprisingly benign, filled with environmentally friendly soy wax with an enticing blend of tobacco, vanilla and cherry aroma. Once you burn through this candle, you can reuse it as a drinking glass.

Skull Dinner Napkins - Set of 4 - $39.80

A skull and crossbones emblem tantalizes in silver against solid black, providing a serious warning against stains. Cotton fabric is woven with a pattern of subtle diagonal ribs to create a twill and tailored texture

Skull Clock - $34.95

This handsome skull clock is detailed in molded resin with a faux-wood finish, having it take on the real-life appearance of aged oak. Clock is ornamented in bronze detail and is set into the skull.

I couldn't possibly put all of their fabulous skull stuff into one post, so visit their site to see even more. They have really nice (and expensive) Skull & Bones Dinnerware, beaded skull coasters, skull bubble bath, skull hiball and martini glasses, skull & bones wine charms, etc etc. Great Googly Moogly.


  1. I bought that skull clock for my husband one xmas, and believe it or not, I didn't know it was a clock until he opened it. I just saw it on the shelf and grabbed a pre-boxed one. It looks great with our collection.