Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bacon Lampshade

Even I have to give this a WTF.

I hope someone recovered that bacon and gave it a proper cooking otherwise it's just a waste of good bacon.

UPDATE (Nov.1st): Ok, SeriousEats dug up more info on this from Flickr. You can see the full set of pictures here.


  1. I see your WTF and raise you an OMG. On second thought, with a 150 watt bulb and some patience, they might just have the most artistic bacon cooker ever created :)

    Where did you ever find that one?

    --Mr. B.

  2. Amazing, I'm totally in love. This is the perfectly disgusting lamp for Halloween. I bet it looks great at night when it's on.

  3. LOL. I found this wandering around some random message board that had linked to my site.

    If you're gonna cook this bacon by lightbulb, you'd better have something underneath to catch the grease, right? Electricity and a pool of bacon grease can't be a good thing.