Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VanTiki Skull Tiki Mugs & Curiosities

Each day on the internet I run into new things to covet and VanTiki's one-of-a-kind sculptures are my newest obsession. Artist Henrik Van Ryzin creates each VanTiki mug entirely by hand. The imagination and detail that goes into one of works of art are nothing short of spectacular.

When a new Mug nears completion, a link to its own page with detailed photos and a start date for its eBay auction will be posted to his site. You can join the Mailing List for any eBay news. Pictured here are just a few of the more recent pieces,check the website for more.

Cannibal Idol #1

The Bone Box Experiments

The Golden Skull of Mystery Tile

The Trepanning Accident
(This one was found on another great site, Ooga-Mooga, where you can track your mug collection, buy, sell and trade mugs with other collectors, among other things.)

Spooky Skull Tiles
These stoneware Skull Tiles are available on the site now and are totally affordable at $20 each.

The Skull Tiles have a wall-hanging notch on the back and I can already picture one looking incredible hanging on my wall.

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