Sunday, September 28, 2008

Compartes Gourmet Chocolate Skulls

COMPARTES CHOCOLATIER from Los Angeles creates gourmet chocolate and handcrafted artisan confections like these super cute Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffles - dark chocolate truffles infused with a sinful blend of mexican hot chocolate spices including cayenne and cinnamon.

They have several different chocolates adorned with a skull design -- including gold skulls, silver skull bark, skull lollipops and their raspberry pink pepper which features neon pink skull and heart design. They also do skull gift sets for Halloween and by special order year round.

I didn't see some of these on the website but contact Compartes for more information. They look so amazing, I would almost feel guilty eating them!

Raspberry Pink Pepper Chocolate

Cactus Blossom Truffle

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  1. Oh man. Mexican hot chocolate is the best. I love me some spicy chocolate.