Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brooklyn BACON PARTY - Oct. 4th

If you live around NYC, epic nomz has arranged a bacon party on Oct. 4th. Everyone is welcome and it’s BYOB(acon).

Here are the details I pulled off of their blog:

Meet up near the grilling area in Prospect Park near the 11th St. entrance on the west side of the park (google map). There is an outdoor amphitheater near the grills, so just look for that, then follow the smell of sweet bacon and you’ll find the spot.

What to bring:
1) Some bacon of your choice. Try to bring your favorite for all to taste and compare.
2) Beverages. Since it’s a park, you’re not supposed to drink alcohol in it. But some will try, and some will succeed.
3) Other things to occupy time with. (Footballs, Frisbees, and whatnot)

Also: Great News! Rocco from is helping to sponsor this party with bacon. You should probably go to his site and sign up for the bacon of the month club, right now.



I am not affiliated with epic nomz so please head over to their blog if you'd like to attend and have any questions.

If you have any doubts about their love of bacon, just check out their creation...
The Brooklynite Burger Topped with Chocolate Covered Bacon

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