Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sur La Table Skulls

Sur La Table has a few really cool, unique skull items that I've got my panties in a bunch over.

You have no idea how excited I am over this black Skull Dish Brush with rhinestone eyes. Seems silly, right? But seriously, finding this just made my day. I'm buying two - one to use and one to keep all pretty like. Yes, a dish brush. I know, I know...

Bone Collector Skull Kitchen Brush - $7.00Skull Dish Brush

Skull-and-Crossbones Spatula - $8.95Skull Spatula

Skull Grip Potholders (Set of Two) - $9.95Skull Potholders

Silver Skull Timer - $12.00
Skull Kitchen Timer

All of these items are a worthy addition to my already skull-crowded kitchen.