Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lardon - L.A.'s All Bacon Food Truck!

I can't believe it actually took this long for it to happen, but the wait is over...America now has an all bacon food truck! Lardon is roaming around Los Angeles, CA starting today and it's not so coincidental that I'm taking a vacation to L.A. in October.

Lardon - all Bacon Food Truck

I'm pretty tempted to steal that truck and drive it right to NYC, eating up all of the bacon goodies on the way.

In the meantime, if you're in their area, you should follow Lardon on Twitter and Facebook for their latest whereabouts. And check out their menu!

I'll take a Brioche French Toast Sandwich with Bacon Bourbon Maple Syrup and crumbled bacon, some Chicken Wings Covered in Bacon Hot Sauce with hot sauce-covered bacon served with Bacon Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce, a Bacone and a couple of brownies from Lark Cake Shop, topped with bacon Nutella spread for dessert.

*Sigh* vacation can't get here soon enough.