Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back To Skull

I like the idea here although I'm not so sure that bringing these dollar store skeletons to school would be what the teachers are expecting.
skull supplies
via Tacky Raccoons

Anyone who has kids in school has probably stocked up on school supplies by now but just in case, here's a few skull backpacks that I really like. Of course, you don't need to be a kid to sport one of these, the Skullcandy Shattered Skull backpack is just awesome and I'd happily tote my stuff around in that.

Jansport Calypso Blue Knit Skull Backpack - $26.95Jansport Backpack - Calypso Blue Knit Skull

Jansport White/Scarlet/Dead Spades Skull Backpack - $29.95Jansport Backpack- Dead Spades Skull

Jansport Acapulco Blue Paisley Skull Backpack - $29.95Jansport Backpack - Acapulco Blue Paisley Skull

Skullcandy Shattered Skull Backpack - $30.40 (Also comes in fabulous Back on Black!)
Skullcandy Shattered Skull Backpack

Skullcandy Skate Skull Backpack - $46.40Skullcandy Skate Skull Backpack Black

Yak Pak Splatter Skull Backpack - $19.99Yak Pak Backpack - Splatter Skull

Granite Canyon Skull Drawstring Sackpack - $12.99 Granite Canyon Skull Sackpack

FYI - all of the stores are bringing in their Halloween stuff now so be prepared for an avalance of skull posts soon!


  1. It's all about readin' ritin' and rigor mortis.

  2. Is that top pic from Target by any chance? - Carol

  3. Nope, I think it's from a dollar store. There's a Dollar Deals near me that have the same signs.