Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Skulls @ Target - Halloween 2010

Man, I have been trying to get this post up all week but I am in serious skull shopping overload and now completely broke. Went to my local Target on Sunday and picked up TONS of new stuff. The shelves were a little bare so I'm not sure if they were ransacked before I got there or if they were still putting stuff out. One things for sure, Target's halloween stuff is going quick. Quite a few of the items I wanted to post for you guys are already out of stock online.

This skull candy dish is my pick of the year from Target but it's only sold online. Fortunately, they have a great free shipping offer on a lot of the halloween items right now if you spend $50.00.

Boston Warehouse Bone Collector Footed Candy Dish - $19.99Boston Warehouse Bone Collector Earthenware Footed Candy Dish

Halloween Skeleton Piggy Bank - $9.99 Halloween Skeleton Piggy Bank

Multi Skull Melamine Dinner Plate (Set of 6) - $11.99

This is my 3rd skull cookie jar and they have another one in silver that's only sold online.
Earthenware Skull Cookie Jar - $19.99

This skull platter is online only too.
Skull Earthenware Serving Platter - $14.99

Ceramic Skull Salt and Pepper Shakers - $4.99

Skull Serving Tray - $4.99

Once I'm able to I'll post a pic of my skull windfall from Target. Some of the stuff I found, like the most awesome black on black skull tablecloth ever, aren't even on the website at all!


  1. the stuff is going fast, but it isn't being all put out @ once, I'm keeping an eye on it! Tulsa OK stores do have that rectangle platter. I wasn't able to pass up the silverware caddy in black,(especially it is 1/2 of what it was last week) it will make a great paintbrush/marker caddy in my beadroom. I keep all my skulls & day of the dead things in there. I'm going back tomorrow for the felt banner w/ the colourful skulls!

  2. I don't know if Target hates your website or my adblock hates Target, but it seems the pics would load and then disappear. Going to the links isn't a prob, though.

    Piggy bank = win

  3. Boot C - I gotta get back there too. I also picked up a skull caddy, the only thing I didn't get was the matching tub because I have no idea where I would put that thing. Also got an excellent set of silver skeleton salad servers. :)

    Voracious_Boot - It's probably adblock since the pics are affiliate links. Target has those piggy banks in boat-load of styles too. I also spied some great skull piggy banks at T.J. Maxx yesterday.

  4. Do you know anyone selling the piggy bank?

  5. I haven't seen it in a while but maybe you could check Ebay?