Sunday, January 4, 2009

Skull Carpet - Funny Bones Rug

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and sorry for the long absence! I managed to fall down go boom my last day of work before vacation and spent my time off having fun with a sprained ankle and knee. Anyhow, Monday's back to the grind so it's time to put on my "outside" clothes and face the real world with my newly acquired limp.

I did manage to do a bit of online shopping this week and ran across this amazing carpet from FLOR. FLOR is a line of design-inspired carpet squares that lets you create unique area rugs, runners or wall-to-wall carpet designs. You can place the carpet tiles wherever you decide and you can move them anytime you want.

Funny Bones Rug from FLOR

The Funny Bones rug is probably the first real skull carpet that I've seen and I've been looking. Little area rugs can be found but even the selection there is limited. I'm pretty sure I'm going to order this in the next few days. It will look fabulous at the foot of my bed.


  1. MC666 yr back!

    They look like quality rugs

  2. yeah I'm alive! Nice to see you again phairhead!

  3. I hope your ankle is better Lisa, Happy New Year
    And Why Yes these rug would look fab @ my house too