Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bacon Scratch N' Sniff Stickers

I was gonna do an awesome original bacon post tonight, however, I caught a god-awful cold over the weekend that's just killing me. My eyes are melting and my lips are going to crack and fall off my face. I just took a painkiller I had left over from spraining my ankle a few weeks ago which won't help my cold symptoms at all but will hopefully cure everything else temporarily. I'm gonna type this up as fast as I can while I still can....

Back in the early 80's I was obsessed with stickers. A few times a week, I used to go to a local store called Karten's that had a wall with just rolls upon rolls of stickers. They were on my notebooks (Trapper Keepers!) and my bedroom wall and everywhere else I could stick them. Rainbows and hearts and especially Scratch N' Sniff. Scratch N' Sniff stickers were awesome, some smelled good, some smelled awful and they had the craziest selection of smells. I remember chocolate being one of my least favorites and pickles being one of my favorites.

Lest you think there are no good bargains left on Ebay, I managed to win an auction for a sheet of original 1980's Bacon Scratch N' Sniff stickers a few weeks ago for only 99 cents! They don't smell anymore but I'm ok with that, I'm just happy to be the proud owner of these...

Sometimes it's the little things in life.


  1. GET OUT!!!!! I loved loved loved my scratch n' sniff stickers. my fave was raspberry,i had skunk too. Did the scent still hold up after all this time?

  2. No, no more scent but I can't imagine 25 year old bacon smelling too great anyway. =)

  3. Oooo scrat and sniff! They really need to bring these things back. Pig power is my favorite