Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Brother Season 13 - Meet Adam (He Loves Bacon!)

I don't normally watch the reality show Big Brother but an old friend of mine, Adam Poch, is a houseguest on Big Brother 13, which started this past week. Adam is a fellow metal-head and bacon lover so I featured him in this blog post from back in 2008.

I am so excited to see him on tv and his introduction to the other housemates was nothing but priceless:

"I'm a metal-head, I love bacon and my favorite tv show besides Big Brother is Beverly Hills 90210." Hahahahaha - love you Adam!

You can learn more about Adam here: and support a fellow bacon fan by joining his Official Adam Poch BB13 Facebook Fan Page.


  1. Adam is on the block!! Bummer man. Cool that you know him. Is 90210 REALLY his favorite show? It sounds gimmicky. Like he just told casting that to be a stark contrast to his metal-loving self. haha Either way he seems like a cool dude.

  2. Yes, he really is a 90210 freak, it's not an act for tv. He is a cool dude and a really good guy. I think he'll be safe this week.

  3. Agreed!!! He is a really 90210 dude!!!! I like him and it seemed to me like a very nice guy.