Friday, July 15, 2011

Adam's Big Brother Bacon T-Shirts

If you've been watching Big Brother this year, I'm sure you've noticed that he wears Bacon t-shirts. A lot. You gotta him props for representing us bacon lovers!

SnorgTees has a couple of the bacon shirt that he's been wearing on the show.

Bacon Makes Everything Better T-Shirtbacon makes everything better t-shirt

Unfortunately, the B is for Bacon shirt is currently out of stock but they've told me that they may print some more up real soon, so as soon as I know, you'll know.
B is for Bacon shirts are back in stock!

Keep your fingers crossed that Adam does well on the show and maybe we'll get to see him in a Skulls and Bacon shirt!


  1. You guys should check out the tees on
    The cereal killer one is hilarious!

  2. Bacon is the greatest thing to come from an animal which isnt zoophilia!