Sunday, June 1, 2008


My friend KingAdPoch™ is a bacon lover of the highest caliber:

This is KingAdPoch™

He recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam with this picture:

Amsterdam has always been "high" on my list of places to visit and now ever more so. Wondering why we don't have this delectible sounding fast food delight here in the U.S., I found that Americans are being deprived of McDonald's bacon concoctions!

In addition to the McBacon in Amsterdam, some quick research turned up the Crispy McBacon sandwich in Malta and Italy:

and the McBacon Roll from the U.K., which has back bacon and brown sauce served in a maize-topped roll:

Argentina has the Pechuga Bacon Grill and the Pechuga Bacon Crispy, Germany has the Chicken Goumet Chipotle auch mit Bacon and also still has the McRib. Interesting. There's a bunch more regional McDonald's sandwiches that we'll probably never see here. I guess it's time to get a passport.


  1. I guess that guy up top likes his bacon too!!!...


  2. Personally, I want a crispy McBacon. Somehow the word CRISPY makes it sound that much more delectable.

  3. WOW. I am so pissed off right now that we don't have these delectable products in our own country. Oh, the injustice!!