Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sin in Linen™

I'm not sure why I haven't done a post featuring Sin in Linen™ products before because they are exactly what I am looking for when shopping for bedding. Every time I find great quality skull sheets and pillows I get all excited. Plus there's animal prints and tattoo designs, all right up my alley. Sin in Linen™ founder Sandy Glaze has done what I only dream of, when searching for bed sheets, she found precious little product to match her style and sensing she was not alone, she launched her own line. Here are some of my favorites but check the website for other awesome stuff.

Skull Star "Back in Black"
This Tough and Sweet skull and star print comes in sheet sets, pillowcases, duvet covers, shams and even a shower curtain!

Skull Star "Prettier in Pale Pink"
Bonus! The pale pink version is currently on sale and for amazing prices!

Skull pillowcases and throw pillows

Jolly Roger Hand & Bath Towels
These are just fantastic and the black ones would look perfect in my bathroom!

White Skull Curtain Panel 48" x 84"
One of the very few Skull Curtains I've seen and they're cute!

I especially love the duvet covers. I won't get rid of my beloved down comforter but there's no way I can have a white comforter on my bed so duvet covers are key. Thanks Sandy for giving people like me options!


  1. Makes me want to get new bedding right now!

  2. duvets are the way to go.

    i had a dream i met you last night. we were in line for hot dogs. that's pretty bizarre

  3. Phairhead, that made me laugh out loud. Not a bad dream though, I'd love to meet you and I love hot dogs!