Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gobs of Skull Cakes

One of my favorite blogs, Cake Wrecks, did a post last week called The Undead Wed that featured a bunch of amazing skull wedding cakes. This sent me off on a frenzy of searching for more skull cakes, wedding, birthday or otherwise. From now on I only want skull cakes for my birthday and most definitely a skull wedding cake. In no particular order...

From Craig's Cake Shop in Wisconsin. via Cake Wrecks

This cake was featured on the WE channel's Amazing Wedding Cakes and was made my Lauri Ditunno of Cake Alchemy via Cake Wrecks

Made by Kathy of Calamity Cakes via Cake Wrecks

Made by Rosebud Bakery via Cake Wrecks

Made by Pumpkin from the blog Pumpkin And Spice for her advanced cakes class via Cake Wrecks

These next cakes were all found on Flickr so info is limited. If you know anything about the cakes, bakers or bakeries please send me the info and I'll add it to give credit where credit is due!

Found via Cre8acake's photostream

Found via Scarycrow's photostream and made by

Found via amykins1111's photostream

Found via djsiberia's photostream

Found via giac1061's photostream

Found via Azathoth Invictus' photostream

Found via monicakitty42's photostream

Found via chocmocakes' photostream

Found via thinkgeekmonkeys' photostream

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit eating carbs!


  1. Wow, these cakes are awesome! I wonder why would any of these be on Cake Wrecks because they all rule even if they are a bit unusual. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Ah, I neglected to mention that Cake Wrecks post non-wrecky cakes on Sundays and these cakes were NOT wrecks. However, if you read the comments for that post you'll see that plenty of people are weirded out that someone would actually choose a skull cake for their wedding. Funny stuff!

  3. Wow! Excellent excellent cakes. Too cool.

  4. and best of all they look yummy.

  5. This is a wonderful collection of cakes. So many different styles and influences. I love them all and I would happily devour them one by one.

    I'm quite inspired by this. I've got a party coming in two weeks and this sort of macabre fare would be perfect for the occasion.

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  7. How brilliant are those cakes, much better then the traditional wedding cakes you see knocking about. nice one

  8. I love the Dia de los Muertos cakes.

  9. These are super yummy skulls. I'd love to have one one skull banana or carrot cake for my birthday.

  10. Oh, awesome finds! Thanks so much. We live in Salem, Mass. I'm definitely on the hunt for Halloween cake inspiration. :D


  11. these are the best thing i've ever seen.

  12. Incredibly yummy! This is incredible! Never give up cake!

  13. You've convinced me that getting a cake for halloween is now on the essential list.

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