Monday, March 23, 2009

Pocket Bacon App for the iPhone

Pocket Bacon is a new iPhone application that brings the sights and sounds of sizzling bacon with you anytime and anywhere. Choose from one of six cooking surfaces, slap down fresh strips on the pan and hear them hiss. You can move them around with your fingers, or tilt and shake to watch them move about on their own. When they're done, double-tap to eat them.

Other inventive features are the Bacon Finder which allows you to perform a location-based search for bacon-serving restaurants near you and a built-in RSS headline viewer to keep you up to date on the hottest bacon News, Products and Recipes while you're on the go. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

Get the PocketBacon App for only $1.99 at the Apple iTunes store!

Unfortunately, I own neither the iPhone or the iPod Touch so I haven't been able to see this application in action. I imagine the Bacon Finder would be an awesome tool to have.


  1. i'll get SexyBeast to get it. I'll be back w/ a full report

  2. An iPhone is on my list of things I don't need but still want. Maybe this summer! Bacon!