Monday, March 30, 2009

The Bacon Takedown Review

The Bacon Takedown was yesterday, a grey, rainy Sunday and a perfect for spending a few hours in a German Beer Hall in Brooklyn tasting 30 very different bacon recipes. All in all the event seemed like a great success and I think probably more popular than they thought it was going to be. The tickets sold out fast at the door and bacon lovers were left standing out in the rain. Aside from the very long slow line to fill up your bacon plate, the Bacon Takedown was a lot of fun and I met some great people, tasted some great food and even got a little cameo in the segment that Good Morning America aired this morning!

Bourbon Bacon Ice Cream took #1 in the people's choice award, and it was my choice as well. There was lots of little chunks of chewy bacon in that ice cream which actually tasted almost more like coffee than bourbon. Really yummy. Another crowd favorite (esp. with most of my friends) was Kevin Bacon's Last Meal which was a Bacon Sloppy Joe. Electric Bacon was the only pure bacon there and it really was great. I loved the bacon cupcakes, wish I had some right now.

One thing that I found strange is that you were supposed to vote by number but many of the entries only had a number and no description of what it was. There were a few that were good but I couldn't tell you what I was eating. Also, a number of them didn't have a very strong bacon flavor, which didn't mean that it wasn't good, but the whole point is bacon, right?

I took some pics with my crappy camera but A Smart Mouth has some really good ones and a good review. The Bacon Takedown site has a recap of the winners and TimeOut New York and Blondie and Brownie have great closeups of the food.

Radegast Hall & Biergarten - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Fubu For U By Jew - I have no idea what was in those little cups but it wasn't bad whatever it was

The Notorius PIG - some kind of meat and bacon mixture inside a biscuit

Kevin Bacon's Last Meal - Bacon Sloppy Joe on a Baguette w/ a little cream

Bacon Cupcakes - Delish! (New Pork City was a-ok too!)

Electric Bacon - I don't know what the "obscure Szechuan Button" is but I'd sure like to know

A view of the line that wrapped around the bar into the other room and moved about a foot every 15 minutes.

Bacon Takedown creator, Matt Timms, accouncing the winners!

In addition to eating lots of bacon, drinking good beer and being interviewed by Good Morning America, I did get to meet my friend Gail from the wonderful blog The Worley Gig for the first time in person. The only thing I would have done differently was take Monday off from work. Much thanks to Matt Timms for putting this together and I look forward to the next one.

P.S. When Matt announced that there would be a Vegetarian Takedown coming soon he got a hearty round of boos from the bacon loving crowd. :)


  1. Nice. It looks like it was a blast. Plus you got interviewed. Sweet! That ice cream looks awesome. Just imagining the flavor makes my mouth water.

    BTW, have you ever been to Terry Border's Bent Objects blog. He has a piece of bacon in his latest photo. If you haven't then here's a link:


  2. Hey Metal Chick!
    Great recap and lovely pics of the Take Down! That Bacon Ice Cream...I am still thinking about how good it tasted on my tongue. It was great to meet you in person at last! Here's to more Bacon and Metal Adventures!
    Gail xo
    P.S. Thanks for the blog link!

  3. I can't believe I missed it : ( looks like you had a great time

  4. Hey Tatman, I have seen Bent Objects before but haven't been there in a while, thanks for the link!

    Gail - \m/

    Phairhead - I can't believe you did either but I forgive you. =)

  5. Thanks so much for coming out!!!!! Skulls and bacon is the greatest name for a website ever! Hope you had a good time in spite of the line!

  6. I would like a vegetarian takedown, you meat eaters always make-us feel left out! (j/k)