Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bakon - the new Bacon Vodka

I almost dropped when I saw the post from Heather on Bacon Unwrapped. A bacon vodka that I don't actually have to spend time and effort to make? Perfectamundo for lazy me!

Bakon Vodka is a superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor.

Bakon Vodka will be available April 2009 in limited quantities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. They are expanding production based on demand so make sure to go to their site and fill out the form to request it in your area!

I'm telling you, I've been waiting for the Crystal Head Vodka since October. Still no signs of it around here. What's up with that? We like alcohol here in NJ too!


  1. i think the bacon is fortifying enough that you wouldn't get a hang over

  2. We have shipped +1,000 cases of Crystal Head vodka to the eastern states (NJ, Mass. and NY.) Contact your local distributor or Allied Beverage.

  3. Awesome news about Crystal Head! I'll be searching the liquor stores this weekend!

  4. Mmmm...Bacon Vodka...

  5. What does Crystal Head Vodka have to do with this post??

  6. Because I mentioned it at the end of the post as another vodka I've been desperately trying to find that has not been made available in my area. That's what.

  7. Check out the drinks we made with homemade Bacon Vodka:

    The Grand Slam
    ½ oz. Bacon Vodka
    ½ oz. OJ
    Splash Maple Syrup

    BLTini (we did not make up this name)
    ½ oz Bacon Vodka
    ½ oz. Tomato Juice
    Splash Worchester Sauce, Horseradish, Lime Juice
    Sprinkle Celery Salt, Pepper
    Rim the shot glass with Bacon Salt
    Mini Celery Stalk for garnish.

    The Pulled Pork
    1/3 oz. Bacon Vodka
    1/3 oz. Beer (We used PBR)
    1/3 oz. Barbecue Sauce (We used Bone Sucking Sauce, I would recommend going with a flavor that is not as sweet).

    The Surf and Turf
    ½ oz Bacon Vodka
    ½ oz Chelada

  8. update here: