Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Skull Beach Towels

It seems a lot of people get to my blog looking for Skull Beach Towels. In addition to the Skurvy Skull Beach Towel I posted way back when I started this blog, I've been able to find a few others worthy of a link.

Skurvy Skull Beach Towel ($24.95)

Skull Beach Towel - 30x60 ($14.99)

Skull 'n Bone Beach Towel - 40x72 ($19.99)

The Classic Jolly Roger Beach Towel - 30x60 ($18.99)

There are some that I've seen and LOVE but goddamn those designer labels are expensive. $548 for a towel is a tad out of my range.


  1. Now youve gone and Done it!
    I want these Too.....

  2. Check out Kmart's skull beach towel for $5.99. It must have been outta stock for awhile, but now it's back. $5.99- Holy crap! Buy a towel- save some bacon!! ;)

  3. Well, apparently thosw great looking Kmart towels are NOT in stock. They just cancelled my entire order. Really pissed.