Monday, June 2, 2008

Heavy Fuzzy Rock Mix

I made this mix for some friends of mine and thought I'd share it here with you, in case any of you are interested.

Activator - Bashtari
Deville - Desenter
Dern Rutlidge - Lines on the Table
Gonzalez - Bought and Sold
Bloodhorse - I'm Burned
5ive - Kettle Cove
Shovelhead - Lost in the Desert
Puddy - Promises
Federale - Hong Kong Trail
Dax Riggs - Didn't Know Yet
Josiah - No Time
The Machine - Miracles 1
Terra Firma - Seperate Graves
Gonzalez- Heartbreaker
Closing Theme



  1. you know I love the Puddy

  2. I listened in full today on my way to work. Great Mix from the Start, moves well one song into another
    The Heartbreaker Cover Rules