Friday, October 21, 2011

My New Sugar Skull Shower Curtain

I finally had to replace my Jeremy Fish bunny skull shower curtain. As much as I loved it, plastic shower curtains only last so long. I was super happy when I found this sugar skull shower curtain at I was only $19.14 and it's nice quality too. Looks awesome in my bathroom!

Sugar skull shower curtain

And here it is in my bathroom, next to my sparkly skull soap dispenser, which I bought for full price at Bath & Body Works but you can get on clearance right now for only $3. Move fast though!
skull soap dispenser

Staying in the sugar skull theme, they also have these fancy pillows:

Die-Cut Sugar Skull Pillow - $14.74Die-cut Sugar Skull Pillow

Sugar Skull Muerte Pillow - $10.58Sugar Skull Muerte Pillow

I'm about maxed out with the amount of skulls I can decorate my bathroom with. I've got the shower curtain, hand towels, bath rug and soap dispenser. About the only thing I don't have in there is a skull toilet seat but I'm thinking that might be overdoing it?


  1. I love it!!!! Is the curtain plastic or cloth?

  2. It's not plastic, I think maybe it's nylon? It is cloth-like but waterproof.

  3. I think you should totally over do it in the bathroom. Get the skull toilet seat. You must! maybe you can find some skull wallpaper or at least something to hang on the wall. Commit to it!

    This is Carol, btw.

  4. I love skulls too and I love the shower curtain!!

  5. I dont think there is such a thing as over doing it with skulls.