Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'Twas A Bacony Halloween

I was a lame-o this year and didn't get dressed up for Halloween, not enough time this year to put together a good costume and I will never half-ass a Halloween costume. I did wear a whole bunch of skull stuff to work on Friday but I'm pretty sure no one was surprised by that.

You know, some people keep trying to tell us that the bacon "fad" is dead but this year's Halloween costumes are a great indication that they are full of crap. Browsing thru random pictures via Flickr found a treasure trove of homemade bacon costumes for adults, kids and pets. I applaud these people for not taking the easy way out and buying the one off-the-shelf bacon costume available.

And these were just the tip of the iceberg! Go bacon!


  1. i love the bacon gown. great for formal occasions :D

  2. how did not one bacon costume come with the egg costume partner?

    1. I dont know but me and my friend is doing this this year.. She is eggs and I am bacon

  3. Hey, one of those is my photo. :) Glad to see some folks out there had the same idea as my awesome friend Leslie.