Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween @ GrandinRoad

It's been a rough couple of weeks. It's been over a week since my last post, the longest since I started this blog and I've been feeling like a neglectful parent. After I got back from vacation, works been keeping me bogged down, my dad was in the hospital, blah blah blah. Now I'm sitting in front of the computer with a cold, wrapped up in a skull blanket and skull slippers, debating whether or not I can make it into work tomorrow. *Sniffle*

A friend from work sent me the link to, a high-end home decor store that has a nice little Halloween section. Here's a couple of the things I liked...

Glass Plasma Halloween Skull - Was: $59.00, Now: $39.00
I always wanted one of these things, even better now that it's in skull form!

Martha Stewart Glittered Skull and Bones (Set includes 1 skull and 4 bones) - Was: $24.00 - $34.00, Now: $14.00 - $24.00
When I comes to decorating, would Martha Stewart steer you wrong?

Martha Stewart Glittered Halloween Skeleton - Was: $149.00, Now: $99.00. Expensive as hell but who couldn't use a full size glittery skeleton in their closet?

Glass Skeleton Halloween Plates (Set of 3) - $29.00

Spooktacular Halloween Table Linen Collection
I really like that these are actually linen and not some plastic tablecloths.

Animated Inflatable Skull - Was: $139.00, Now: $99.00.
If I had a front lawn this skull would be on it. You should check the website because they have a short video of the skull in action - the eyes spin and the mouth opens and closes!

Zoltar Animatronic Fortune Teller Machine - $6,999.00
Because how fantastic would it be to have your own Zoltar in your livingroom? Yeah, it's $7k but it takes quarters so you can make some money off your friends. And it comes with 2,000 fortune cards ready to go.

If you've got your place all decorated up for Halloween (with skulls especially of course), I'd love to see it! Send your pictures to skullsandbacon @


  1. glad yr back!! hope yr father is feeling better

  2. The Dollar Tree has glitter skulls that look just like that. For a dollar each. Get a bag of bones and some glitter (also a dollar, but I'd go to Hobby Lobby and get some good glue and glitter), and have a whole table of glitter skulls for the price of one of those!

  3. I agree obitch, I would never pay that much for those Martha Stewart skeletons, even though they look cool. I have some of those dollar tree glitter skulls and they are great. The only think I would imagine is that these Martha Stewart ones wouldn't trail glitter everywhere they go?