Sunday, July 13, 2008

Munktiki Skull Tiki Mugs

Munktiki makes the coolest tiki mugs I've seen by far. If you happen to be a tiki collector I'm sure you're familiar with the name. Munktiki was founded in 2000 by designers Paul and Stuckie who started Munktiki because they dig Tiki and get a kick out of creating stuff that’s weird, whacky, and just plain funny. I'm linking to some of the skull tiki mugs/glasses on this page but I highly recommend that you check out their entire site. Many tikis are very limited edition and go for more money but by the prices I've seen on ebay for retired pieces, it's a wise investment.

Stuckie's newest straw sippin sensation "Bones"!! You gotta have a straw to drink out of Skull. Bones holds 14 ounces is 6 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches tall. $28.00

This is the new ULTRA/Hip Zombie Mug by Stuckie. Made like the Skull, Zombie is designed for straw sippin fun with 13 ounces capacity. $24.00

It's a Skull Head Baby! Holding 13 oz of any mind-numbing beverage Skull is made for straw-sippin fun. $24.00

The Horned Skull - He's a Bad Ass....what else can I say ? 3 1/4 tall and 7 inches horn to horn, holds 12 ounces. $25.00

White Mini Bones Shot Glass, limited edition of 100. M1 Gallery Japan Exclusive $21.00

Multi Color Mini Skull Shot glasses, set of 4. Each Skull is a different style and color. Colors are, Pink, Green, Yellow and Purple. M1 Gallery Japan Exclusive. Limited edition of 100. $90.00

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