Monday, July 7, 2008

Pork Week at

It's Pork Week over at, the award-winning online news and entertainment magazine. Today's story is the first in a weeklong series of stories about the most polarizing of meats and I am excited that they included a link to Skulls and Bacon in the article! Of course, they linked to the video of how to say bacon in sign language, which has been my most popular post to date. Go read the article, it's a great insight into why bacon is so damn popular.

"I see bacon as a celebration of an American birthright," says John T. Edge. "Four slices of Hormel Black Label, hissing in a cast iron skillet on a Sunday morning. To wear the bacon colors, to sport a bacon tattoo, is to announce your belief in the possibilities of bacon, in the American goodness rendered by a low-on-the-hog meat, transmogrified by smoke and salt." -

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