Thursday, April 10, 2008

Skull Bathroom Faucets and Taps

Stephen Einhorn is a designer in London who's got his finger on my pulse. I only wish that these damn fine bathroom faucets could be used here in the U.S. These hand cast skull and crossbones bathroom accessories only fit on Barber Wilson Wall Mounted Taps/Faucets and they are available in Chrome, Nickel or Inca Brass with a Polished or Satin Finish. Pictured is Polished Chrome with Swarovski Crystal Eyes - Red for Hot & Blue for Cold but they are also made to special order with Rubies & Sapphires or even Diamonds if you've got the cash.

Upward Facing Tap/Faucet Handles (Polished Chrome Shown)

Forward Facing Tap / Faucet Handles (Polished Nickel Shown)

Bath Overflow (Polished Inca Brass Shown)

He's also designed some great skull jewelry and such, check out the Rock & Gothic section of his store.


  1. I have to say, that I love the Einhorn skul taps... VERY METAL.... and NO pun intended on that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Actually you can buy these Barwil faucets & Stephen Einhorn skull heads if you live in the USA.

    Just get your faucet shop / dealer to purchase them for you direct through Barber Wilsons North America, PO BOX 1236, Riverhead, NY 11901. Order number 1 800 727 6317 or facsimile 1 800 217 5578

    You can get them to request a Barwil catalogue first so that you can choose the faucet fittings you need for your bathroom / kitchen.