Wednesday, April 23, 2008

COMBOS Bacon, Egg and Cheese Crackers

WTF? How did these come out and my bacon senses not start tingling? COMBOS is making Bacon, Egg and Cheese flavor! If it wasn't for Louis Fowler over at Damaged 2.0, I might still be completely ignorant. Did a little searching and they aren't listed on the COMBOS website but they were also reviewed over at Coyoty Writes A Journal so I'm pretty sure they really do exist. Amazingly enough, both reviewers say that this new Combos flavor actually tastes like bacon, egg and cheese. The bacon and cheese flavor I get, but it seems weird to me that they throw the egg in there also. Either way, you know I'll be out tonight searching NJ 7-11's for this new, intriguing treat.


  1. If you can't find them, let me know and I'll send you a bag.

  2. lolololol.... you gotta love this.... I have OFFICALLY seen it all now!

    -HEAVEN AND HELL!!!!!!!
    -Judas Preist!!!!!!!!!!!!


    August 9th!!!!

  3. Those guys at Mars are theives.

    I shit you not, I wrote to Combos at least 2 years ago asking if they could do breakfast flavors, since I had been eating them for breakfast at work for months up until I sent them the message through their website.

    I have evidence of this, as well, so maybe I should get a lawyer to see if I can get some money out of this...

    1. You'd probably have to prove they had no idea to do these flavors before your email. I'm pretty sure unless you had a patent your screwed on getting money out of this. Note to self....Never send anyone YOUR ideas. ;)

  4. Evidence:

  5. Wow, Sushi, well, at least you had a great idea! Unfortunately, I think they covered their ass with that letter.

  6. They really do taste kind of eggy and really cheesy.