Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bacon Slide at the Breakfast Playground

The Cherry Creek Shopping Center is a lavishly appointed shopping center in the heart of Denver, Co. with the most insanely awesome atrium and playground. The indoor playground is designed around a breakfast theme and all the climbing equipment is in the shape of oversized breakfast foods--sunny side up eggs, sausage links, bacon slides, waffles to bounce on, a large banana, strawberries, and a giant bowl of cereal complete with milk and blueberries! It's the unholy playground of my dreams.


  1. Breakfast on the floor huh?... I guess it gives a whole new meaning to playing with your food!
    -Rock ON!

  2. I dont think i wanna eat -stinky feet- for breackfast! but er...uhhh...mabey its good! lol-kangaroo hoper

  3. Sounds like a fun place to take your kids. I will do that next rainy day!